We sell new and gently used items.  We carry antiques, vintage, and rare hard to find items.  If your into refurbishing, shabby chic, or flea market flip, we may have the items your looking for. 

We carry a wide variety of tools, ranging from hammers, and wrenches, to chain saws and winches. We sell lawnmower, weed eaters, bicycles, and more.  We sell appliances, like microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, freezers, indoor/outdoor furniture, washers and dryers. We carry Americana items, like coca cola, sports memorabilia, and NASCAR.  

Treasures in Your Trunk gets in fresh merchandise weekly.  Stop in to see if we have the Treasure you have been looking for.  Just because we don’t have it this week, doesn't mean it won't be there next week. 

About Treasures In Your Trunk